Ali Golkar


The obvious sophistication of Golkar’s unique aesthetic process combines elements of the 20th century Expressionism, Cubism and Abstraction.  Yet it is Golkar’s unique synthesis of a mélange of influences that has earned him status as one of todays most charismatic, cotemporary painters. 

Color, movement and form unite in Golkar’s work, effectively arousing an emotional response.  The feelings and sensations derived from the fusion of Golkar’s imagery, symbols, colors and effect merge to create a signature style unique to his work.

Golkar has created a method of painting whereby he can explore his impulses and imagination. By showing several aspects of a figure or concept that could not be seen from one view, he reveals what is happening on more than one plane. We are presented with a simultaneous view of a conjunction of forms, giving the effect of a multidimensional relief sculpture.

Born in in 1948 in the historic city of Isfahan, Persia, Golkar was educated in Persia through 1972 in the fine arts and architecture, the artist moved to the United States and in 1974 continued his studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Steeped in the cultures of Europe and the Orient, Ali Golkar explores the depth of his cultural heritage and life experiences through his artwork. Steeped in the culture of Europe and the Orient, he began to explore the reaches of his consciousness and translate them into imagery.

Love, beauty, music, and poetry are portrayed with a grace and joy of life seldom encountered in contemporary art. Greek mythology is supplanted by Renaissance mythology, which in turn is fused with the expressionism of twentieth century French humanistic art.

Golkar’s unconscious aim, rather than to experiment with artistic vocabulary, is to transcend conceptual boundaries and to create new synthesis, a new world of expression, where his thoughts become translated. His painting provides him with a model for ordering his dreams, desires, and visions: a way of putting them in visual terms that can be grasped by others.

For Golkar, his art, as his poetry, is a continual development. His work is a metaphor for the outreaching of his soul, and in this way his art becomes an invocation for all our souls, allowing us to trace back to our own experience of things that we have often felt but have not been able to express.

"My hands hold the brush and my heart blows life into it."

Golkar artwork has been well received in Europe, Asia and the United States. Recent exhibitions include gallery shows in France, Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as in New York, California, Michigan, Texas and Colorado. And he is represented in nearly every important international art exposition. His corporate collections include United Airlines, American Express, Bank of America and others too numerous to mention.