Bernie Taupin

Even More Potent When Reheated, Reused, and Revived: the Art of Bernie Taupin

September 1, 2016 - Arty Nelson | [Image: Rob Hofmann]

Starting in the 90’s, Bernie Taupin, already responsible for generating a massive and an extremely potent body of song lyrics over four or five decades, began pouring his creative energies into amassing a body of visual work. Drawing upon a voracious appetite for looking at art and studying art history, Taupin began working, predominately painted abstraction, the earlier works owing heavily to the post-WWII American canon with an emphasis on Ab Ex peppered with bits of Color Field and Pop (from that, a group of canvases resembling “dripped grids” stand out as particularly compelling and original). Elements of words, often drawn from popular culture, media blitz and current events would sometimes appear, effectively punctuating the abstractions. Another quite resonant aspect of Taupin’s work is the connection to “The American” and/or “Americana.” As the artist himself has commented, I’ve been referred to as a British-born American Artist and that’s fine by me.


Bernie Taupin In Art + Auction

October 2, 2014 - Art + Auction

Lyrical Paintings from Bernie Taupin

August 2, 2014 - Architects and Artisans

Consider them not just art, but more the musings of a vivid imagination.

Bernie Taupin – the gifted songwriter who teamed up with Elton John for many of that performer’s hits – says the inspiration for his paintings comes mostly from inside his own head.

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Bang: Bernie Taupin on Text and His Odd Photography Collection

July 8, 2014 - Whitewall

Bernie Taupin has long been known for his wildly successful career as a lyricist. But for over a decade he’s been making paintings and sculptures at his home in California. We caught up with the U.K.-born artist in May when he was in town for the Downtown Art Fair. He was showing a few paintings at KM Fine Arts’ booth, including an eye-catching work entitled “Bang.” At the end of the month, a solo show of his work will open at the gallery’s Chicago location.

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