Brendan Murphy


Brendan Murphy is an internationally acclaimed American painter, creative entrepreneur, former professional athlete, and founder of athletic clothing company Solfire. Murphy has traveled the world and back, laying roots in business, athletics, and creativity all along the way.

After a successful stint in the finance world, Murphy left to chase his dream of becoming a professional painter and artist. After mentoring under highly acclaimed painter Eric Fischl in 2002, Murphy opened a working studio in Brooklyn. Over the last ten years, Murphy has produced over 60 gallery exhibitions, including an annual appearance at Miami’s Art Basel. Murphy’s work can be seen at the 143 gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and can be found in over 500 collections all over the world.

After an influential conversation with Murphy’s mentor, Guy Lalliberte (Founder, Cirque du Soleil), Murphy recognized the potential to take his creative gifts to the next level, fusing his creative and entrepreneurial skill to establish the lifestyle sportswear brand Solfire. Lending imagery from Murphy’s paintings, Solfire is founded under the conviction that arts, business, and social initiatives can contribute to making a better world. With an intimate team of 20 employees, Solfire has designed and produced exciting collections of high performance athletic wear since 2010 out of its development center in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

In 2013, Murphy further expanded his reach with the opening of Brooklyn based 143 Gallery - featuring the dynamic work of Murphy and other emerging/ established Brooklyn based artists. With a focus on authenticity, 143 Gallery pays respect to the creative process by displaying works that reflect artistic ingenuity and passion. Through the consistent, unyielding search of unique works of art, 143 Gallery celebrates the breadth of human experience and the noble pursuit of one’s passions.

With his dynamic approach to business and the arts, Murphy has established himself as a leading creative entrepreneur and social activist. Working together with World-class athletes such as Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal, Murphy has used his creative influence to give back to the community through various charitable platforms.