Larry Poons


Larry Poons, was born in Tokyo in 1937. His first study into the arts was music (1955-57) with the intent of becoming a musician. After enrolling in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (1959), he soon began exhibiting his paintings in important group exhibitions. His first solo show was in 1963 at the Green Gallery in NY. Achieving enormous success early, his abstract and colorist style of circles and ovals on brilliantly colored solid backgrounds. After that, he began exhibiting in group shows (over 60 in total) all over the world. His dots and ellipses became his iconic signature style. But by 1966 had begun to move away from his pure Op Art style. In 1968, always a great colorist, Poons began staining over his ellipse paintings to achieve some of his more beautiful, free spirited and innovative abstractions. His later works are more associated with Lyrical and Abstract Expressionism.

He currently maintains a studio in upstate New York. There are numerous important publications that include his works.