Lucien Smith


Lucien Smith (b. 1989) is an artist experimenting with the results of amalgamating various art genres, concepts, and techniques. He creates work that traverses a spectrum of styles and concerns, from chance to purpose, spare to saturated, sublime to familiar. These visual approaches or directives may combine and overlap in one piece, or spread individually through a series – each idea originally segregated, fully integrates when understood as an oeuvre. Every piece acts as a tangible moment, a chronicle of exploration as he negotiates with existence. Smith reminds us that an artist’s trajectory is a sensory reflection of individual experience.

b. 1989, Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in New York, NY


BFA, Cooper Union, New York, NY


New Paintings, Skarstedt Gallery, New York, NY (forthcoming)

Nature is my Church, Salon 94, New York, NY
Scrap Metal, Bill Brady / KC, Kansas City, MO
A Clean Sweep, Suzanne Geiss, Co., New York, NY

Good Vibrations, Half Gallery, New York, NY
Seven Rain Paintings, OHWOW, Los Angeles, CA

Needle in the Hay and Cripple Creek, Ritter-Zamet, London, UK
 Imagined Nostalgia, Cooper Union, New York, NY


ANAMERICANA, Curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy
The Writing is on the Wall, Jonathan Viner, London, UK
Sunsets and Pussy, with Ed Ruscha, Betty Tompkins and Piotr Uklanksi, Marianne Boesky, New York, NY
Merci Mercy, curated by Christine Messineo, 980 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Beyond the Object, Brand New Gallery, Milan, IT 

It Ain’t Fair 2012, OHWOW, Miami Beach, FL

Homebody, The Stillhouse Group, Brooklyn, NY
It Ain’t Fair: Materialism, OHWOW, Miami, FL

Objects that Love You Back, curated by Grear Patterson, Stillhouse, New York, NY
It Ain’t Fair 2010, OHWOW, Miami, FL

New Deal, curated by Kyle Thurman and Matt Moravec, Art Production Fund Gallery, New York, NY
May Flowers, curated by Scott Keightley, New York, NY
I want a little sugar in my bowl, curated by Terence Koh, ASS Gallery, New York, NY

Stillhouse, Seven Eleven Gallery, New York, NY