Roger Ricco


Roger Ricco was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.  At the time of his graduation he was awarded the prestigious Rome Prize in painting and immediately was awarded it for a second year.

Ricco continues to paint and exhibit his paintings but in the 2004 he began to produce several series studio/still life photography projects that resulted in several one person and group shows .

His works are now created entirely with digital technology however in years prior he worked as a still life photographer and for a period assisted the renowned photographer, Irving Penn, who encouraged Ricco to further pursue his fine art photography.

Ricco lives in Woodstock, New York and a great deal of his current work includes organic and natural material from his environs. The work seen in this inaugural exhibit at KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles are from an ongoing series called Shadows which was begun in 2011.

Ricco is also widely known as cofounder and principal of Ricco /Maresca Gallery in New York and is co-author of 7 books on the world of self-taught and outsider art. He speaks publicly on that subject and on the subject of artists on the autism and Asperger's spectrum, many of whom is he has and continues to work with.