Roman Zaslonov


Roman Zaslonov is one of the most celebrated artists of our time. Born in the Soviet Union in 1962, he studied for 13 years at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk. Upon moving to France, he won instant acclaim (including First Prize at the Salon d’Automne in 1997) and gained a vast international following.

Principal Expositions and Collections:

"Pejsage Bielorusse" Musée D'art Moderne de Minsk Bielorussie 2005

"Atoumne 2005" centre d'expositins des beaux art a Minsk Bielorussie 2005

"Exposition d'ouverture " Galerie ARTAFFAIR Regensburg Alemagne 2005

Participation expoisition "Atelier sur Danub" Pochlarn Autriche 2007 Prague 2008 Budapest 2008 Tuln 2008 etc.

"Freundschaft - Multiplikations" Musee Oskar Kokoshka Pochlarn Autriche 2009

"Le Maitr et ses Eleves" Musée Nationale des Beax Arts de Bielorussie Minsk Bielorussie 2010

Public Collections:

Kunstmuseum Walter im Glaspalast Augsburg Alemagne

Musee de la Nature de Bielorussie Minsk Bielorussie