Wilson Schlamme



Wilson Schlamme was born in Jackson Mississippi in 1988. He graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2010, focusing his studies on photography and visual design. Finding himself dissatisfied with the medium post college, Wilson shifted his work into painting, and spent the next several years developing a technique largely derived from fluid based paint and self crafted tools. Wilson currently lives in Los Angeles, where he creates abstract works, continuing the tradition of action painting and further progressing his organic and overwhelming fluid like style.

"While the work ranges in severity, it's structured around a succinct visual reaction produced from color and textual blending. This reaction shapes not only the core lines of each piece but is also the vocabulary of the work itself. Aggressive blending of this sort (done not with a brush but with a hard edge), combined with a limited color palette, allows for the viewer to feel familiar and secure with the work while at the same time in question over the fervent gestural movements. This polarization of the known yet unknown, similar yet contrasting, is a circumstance that is shared both with the viewer and the artist, and likewise becomes a focal point of shared experience."