Kim Gottlieb-Walker, Bob Marley: I and Eye

Bob Marley Approaches the Stage, Dream Concert, 1975
Bob Marley at Home, Hope Road, Reading the Trades, 1975
Bob Marley at Hope Road #137, 1975
Bob Marley Dream Concert Rehearsal, 1975
Bob Marley Flag #1, 1975
Bob Marley Lost Ping Pong Ball Hope Road, 1975
Bob Marley Motel, 1976
Bob Marley Smoke, 1975
Bob Marley, Archway, Hope Road, 1975
Bob Marley, Selassie, 1975
Bob Marley, Selassie, What Life Has Taught Me, 1975
Bob Receives a Guest at Hope Road, 1975
Bob Rolls a Spliff, 1976
Burning Spear, Chela Bay Hotel, 1975
Cameron Crowe, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, 1976
City Girls, Kingston Jamaica, 1975
Country Boy Jamaica, 1975
Don Taylor Drives Bob, Carly, Seeco and Family Man to Manhattan Transfer, Hollywood, 1975
George Harrison Meets Bob Marley Backstage at the Roxy, 1975
High Times Cover, 1976
Hump, Jamaica, 1975
Justin Hinds and the Dominoes, 1975
Justin Hinds Waterfall, 1975
Kingston Bus Station Billboard, 1975
Lee Scratch Perry and Max Romeo Inside the Black Ark Studios, 1975
Lee Scratch Perry at the Black Ark, 1975
Lighting a Spliff Backstage at the Roxy, 1975
Orion "Ras Kitty" Meets Bob Marley - High Times Session, 1975
Peter Tosh Equal Rights, 1976
Peter Tosh Kung Fu, 1976
Peter Tosh Leopards, 1975
Ras Michael and Kiddus I Light a Spliff, 1975
Ras Reuben "Jawaya", 1975
Rastas in Bob's Yard, 1975
Seeco in Bob's Back Yard, 1975
The Black Disciples, 1975
The Heptones, 1975
Third World Jumps, Island Records, Hollywood, 1976
Toots Relaxes in the Winnebago, Anaheim, 1975
Tosh Pensive, 1976
VW Jamaica, 1975
Who Jah Bless, 1975