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Dana Louise Kirkpatrick | Every Badass Beauty Lover Needs Sonia Kasha's New Collection

March 18, 2016 - POP SUGAR - Aimee Simeon

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Nothing makes our hearts (and bank accounts) happier than chic, high-performance beauty products that won't weigh heavy on our pockets. Of all the affordable, kitschy makeup and professional tools we look forward to every season, Sonia Kashuk remains among our favorites. The makeup artist delivers her eye-catching designs and expertise to Target with her coveted beauty collections, and she's bringing us another epic set of swag with her limited-edition Knock Out Beauty release.

Sonia collaborated with artist Dana Louise Kirkpatrick to create a line to empower women. The "knock out" theme was sparked when the girl boss fell in love with Dana's artwork at Art Basel in Miami. Her painting of a female fighter flashing her red boxing gloves immediately caught Sonia's eyes, and she purchased a piece of her work on the spot. It was then, and with some inspiration from her teenage daughter, that the vision for her new assortment was hatched.

We spoke to Sonia at the Knock Out Beauty launch event, where she told us that witnessing her daughter face challenges with societal beauty standards motivated her to create products that promote embracing and enhancing your natural beauty, instead of altering it. "I feel like the appreciation for what makes you unique has been lost, and when I saw Dana's fighter painting it really resonated with me. I wanted to create products that empower women and make them feel strong," she said.

The collection features a range of tools, lipsticks, eyeliners, and makeup totes. One of Sonia's favorites is the Skin Glow powder. "The powder is amazing because if you want to use it alone, you can. You don't have to feel pressured to contour and highlight your face. I think what's most important to me with these products is that you feel comfortable being real." 

Every piece features encouraging mottos and designs by Dana to remind women of their power and strength with every use. Sonia's collection has sparked a social media movement, with celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Jen Atkin posting inspiring messages to social media in t-shirts featuring the artwork and the hashtag #KOBeauty. You can join the movement by snagging pieces from the line when it goes on sale Sunday, March 6. Read on to see which Knock Out products you'll be adding to your beauty shopping list.

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