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Dana Louise Kirkpatrick | Every Badass Beauty Lover Needs Sonia Kasha's New Collection

March 18, 2016 - POP SUGAR - Aimee Simeon

Sonia collaborated with artist Dana Louise Kirkpatrick to create a line to empower women. The "knock out" theme was sparked when the girl boss fell in love with Dana's artwork at Art Basel in Miami. Her painting of a female fighter flashing her red boxing gloves immediately caught Sonia's eyes, and she purchased a piece of her work on the spot. It was then, and with some inspiration from her teenage daughter, that the vision for her new assortment was hatched.


The Things Kurt Cobain Left Behind

March 9, 2016 - Slate Magazine - Jordan G. Teicher

The easiest way to get to know Kurt Cobain is to listen to his music. Another way is to look through his stuff. That one’s a little trickier. 

But Geoff Moore had that rare opportunity in 2008, when Cobain’s estate tapped him to spend a day photographing the late Nirvana frontman’s personal possessions for Charles R. Cross’ book, Cobain Unseen. Now, they’re on display in Moore’s first solo art exhibition, “Endorsement—the unseen Cobain photos” at KM Fine Arts Los Angeles through March 26.


ArtNet | Geoff Moore | Best of the Art World This Week

March 5, 2016 - ArtNet - Cait Munro


Check out these intimate photographs of Kurt Cobain's personal possessions, including beat-up guitars, scribbled-on sneakers, and even a heart-shaped box.



February 11, 2016 - LA Weekly - Pamela Chelin

In 2007, while photographer/director Geoff Moore was in the midst of photographing some of Kurt Cobain's personal possessions for Charles R. Cross' book Cobain Unseen, everyone in the room was suddenly covered in goosebumps when a certain song loaded up on Moore's iPod.


new kurt cobain photo exhibit takes a look into his personal world

February 9, 2016 - VICE

In an exhibit opening on Thursday, February 11 in L.A., photographer Geoff Moore will be displaying his prints of never-before-seen private objects owned by Kurt Cobain. The show, entitled "Endorsement — The Unseen Kurt Cobain Photos," was inspired by the book Cobain Unseen, by Charles R. Cross, for which Moore captured the images of the musician's ephemera.


Geoff Moore's images of Cobain's instruments, artwork, journals and more will appear in new 'Endorsement' show

February 9, 2016 - Rolling Stone

In Cobain UnseenKurt Cobain biographer Charles R. Cross journeyed deep into the personal archive of the late Nirvana leader. Along with old photos of a young Cobain as well as his journal entries and scribbles, the book featured new photos of Cobain's personal belongings. For one day, photographer Geoff Moore entered the vault and took photos of the items for Cobain Unseen. Now, the 2007 images will be featured in an exhibit called Endorsement that will open at Los Angeles' KM Fine Arts Gallery on February 11th. Take a look at a few of the images to be displayed at the show.


W Magazine | The Unseen Kurt Cobain

February 5, 2016 - W Magazine

A lot of Kurt Cobain has spilled lately. The vertiginous voyeurism of Brett Morgen's 2015 HBO documentary Montage of Heck was only amplified by the release of a 31-track album of dialogue and sounds Cobain recorded onto cassettes in his home. And now the photographer Geoff Moore is mounting an exhibition at KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles of pictures of Cobain's prized possessions—a smashed guitar, a small heart-shaped box, a stuffed monkey. (He originally took them for a 2009 book, Cobain Unseen, by Charles Cross.) It's hard to look away from this inventory, which only confirms the impression that you accidentally opened the door to a teenager's room—which is to say, he probably wouldn't want you there.


"Unseen" photos of Kurt Cobain's Personal Possessions

February 4, 2016 - Esquire Magazine


Back in 2008, the contents of Kurt Cobain's vault were made available to photographer Geoff Moore for one day. Under tight security, the photographer combed through Cobain's personal possessions and carefully photographed each one. The resulting images were published in a book by Charles R. Cross, Cobain Unseen, but are on display for the first time in public at Moore's debut photo exhibition at KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles. From a smashed guitar to a broken ceramic statue of Mary in a box, the photographs reveal the personal life of Cobain like you've never seen before.


HYPEBEAST | These Photos of Kurt Cobain's Personal Treasures Are Intimate and Haunting

February 4, 2016 - HYPEBEAST

Los Angeles-based photographer Geoff Moore spent one day with a treasure trove of Kurt Cobain’s personal memorabilia back in 2007 for a photoshoot commissioned by the late rockstar’s estate. The photographer was given access to the archives that were housed in a high-security storage unit. The ephemera include Kurt’s beloved Converse, several guitars in various stages of disintegration, and the heart-shaped box given to the Nirvana frontman by his wife, Courtney Love. All of the items bear signs of a grungy existence — snapped strings, ironic political bumper sticker appliqués, scrawled lyrics and so on. Additional photos that catalog the aesthetic is one that reflects the time period of Cobain’s life, while also bursting at the seams with inside jokes and references both well-known and arcane. The photos are going on display for the first time at KM Fine Arts on February 11.



Celebrity photo exhibit illuminates the past

January 30, 2016 - The Examiner

Dining with royalty, partying with rock icons and acting with British comedians provides intimate access to famous faces. Model, actress, writer, muse and photographer, Carinthia West shares her intimate visions of her celebrity friends in Looking Back is the New Forward. This new photography exhibit opens February 11, 2016 and runs thru March 26, 2016 at KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles, along with Endorsement - The Unseen Cobain Photos. Pop in Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. It's free.

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